Our “Kyuubi”, initial writing of me…..

hm…. setelah sekian lama ga posting masih bingung mo nulis apa sebenernya. tapi I think gw harus mulai nulis2 lagi, ‘coz that’s the best way to woke “My Kyuubi” up.
Talking about “kyuubi”, this is how i call Our inner potential power beneath our soul. I take the term “Kyuubi” refering to Manga story of “NARUTO”. In that story is described that for the reason to save his village from massive destruction by a demon called “Kyuubi” (it means nine tailed demon fox which popular in many japanese folktales), the Head of Village sacrificed his life to seal that demon in the body of a baby. in the result this village saved, but in the future this baby named “Naruto” suffering discrimination from all villagers which their family and relatives gone by the attack of Kyuubi.
Naruto as a child becoming naughty and searching for love and attention from the people. Until some ninja of the village accept him as an ordinary people. From that time his journey to become a powerful and greatest ninja (and then becoming a Hokage -head of village- like his hero “the Forth Hokage/ yondaime”) begin.
The essential value of this story…. (a partial one, which i think related to the human potential) is how naruto learn to be “friendly” with his “super-duper-massive-strength” of The Demon inside his body. this super power is tends to become Dangerous for a whole Ninja world if there is no one control it. It become so powerfull power to become a greatest human for it’s owner….. if the owner know the way to control it.
I think in a real world of Us it very similar of our inner potential….., it can be very destructive or very constructive depends on the owner……
For me, my “kyuubi” is my Imagination, my idea, my thinking. For me, there is nothing I can trust more than my own thinking. Because it’s the essential power of us……

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